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Pay to win

Garbage game. Seemed fun at first but small numbers of players who spend tens of thousands of dollars (or cheat) dominate. Since you can never outspend these players, the game is pointless. There is no strategy, there is no skill. Just money

Bait and Switch, Then Buy to Win

The game is nothing like the battlefield strategy game that the teaser video promises. The actual game is a time consuming collection of activities that seems like a mash-up of several unrelated games. If you start playing, you will often wonder why you are wasting time and resources on armor for a Creation that is stuck in the corner of the game interface. Then you send an army into a mine to collect magic rocks, only to have more advanced players kick you out of the mine every twenty minutes. In the end, if you don’t spend big money, you will get decimated during a “kill event.” If you do spend big money, you are likely to wind up getting wiped out by a player with a lot of free time and disposable income to spend on the game.

Where’s a menu button?

I give to stars because, there’s no menu button, no way to turn sounds on or off, and no way to contact customer Support. Though, reading a few other reviews, it wouldn’t help either way!

False advertisement

Fake review bots

Waste of time.

If you want to get to level 10 be prepared to constantly collect your farm resources or spend money. Your food resources by this time will not get above the amount you need after you have built a small army. I deleted the game and will not waste my time on it again. I’ve been playing another game for about a year while the graphics are not as good as this one. The time I’ve spent on it is a lot more rewarding.


Almost all of the advertisements for this game are from a PC game called Napoleon Total War. I also had advertisements for this game which was gameplay from 2 console games: Battlefield 1 and Verdun. This is total scummy advertising because this game is a lot more of a Clash of clans rip off than it is a good quality PC or Console game! This is just a low class money grab game. Don’t download it.

Data sync error

Still can’t get on , any solution


Gameplay is absolutely NOTHING like advertised. It’s just Game of Fire with different characters. There’s NO troop formation, NO watching your attacks, JUST building, upgrading, building, upgrading, building, upgrading and fleecing all the suckers who think this “game” is worth spending hundreds of dollars on. False advertising is against the law, even in Grand Cayman (where the developers are from), and there are HEAVY fines for it. I’ll be contacting the proper authorities about this. 你觉得我是不真实的吗?再想一想。 diandian interactive is not above the law.

Terrible customer support

It’s not clear that there is a level cap on transferring kingdoms. My friend who introduced me to this game was in another kingdom and wanted me to be level 10 before joining alliance, however after you reach level 6 you can’t transfer kingdoms. This seems like an easy fix for developers but they refused and told me to make a new account. Of course this is after I spent money on this account so making a new one would be a waste of money. Clearly being a paying customer doesn’t mean anything to these developers. After contacting support you only get a copy/paste reply.

False advertising

The advertisement for this game showed a first person shooter. This is clearly not one. Did research and I found these devs have stolen game footage from other games and lied in their advertising many times. Stay away from liars and thieves Update: I’ve now seen 4 or 5 ads for guns of glory, all showing different games in the video, none of which are actually of this game

Poor customer service

Unable to get on texted 2 times never received a reply. Since you will not get back to me with my problems getting on please refund any money I spent on this game

Terrible customer service-did not get what i paid for

I have spent tons of money on this game and recently I was not given what I paid for or won in the game 3 times. I emailed store support and even sent a screenshot and received no response.

False advertising and seriously flawed

Played the game for over a week. A few bugs, but bearable. The advertisement are stolen from another game which is nothing like this one. Avoid!

Pathetic and sad

Horrible management. Overrun by bots. Tried everything to contact and complain. No one cares. Don’t play.

Horrible game

The gameplay is horrible not anything like the Lil ad shows a waste of time

Misleading ads on Facebook

Saw an ad on Facebook with different gameplay than in game. Played for a bit, didn’t some across the gameplay(battle field) like in the ad in the game. Disappointed.

It has potential I guess

I play FFXVANE which is fairly similar to this game. I started playing this game more or less to see how far I could get without spending. I have friends in FF who have grown farther than I would’ve thought possible given they spent little to no money. Thought it might be fun to see if I could build an empire that could put up a fight. Everything I heard from nay-sayers when I started playing FF is true of this game, at least in my experience. I’ve never been zero’d in FF, came close once early on, and it’s largely due to luck but paying attention and knowing when to bubble this game I got zero’d so many times I lost count. There are features that I like and some that I wish had been a part of FF like alliance farm, storehouse and hospital. The fact that you can upload your own avatar or picture of yourself is cool. But overall the UI is clunky and it gets irritating. The main flaw I feel is the inability to protect troops. In FF you can do “ghost rallies” which protects your hero from getting captured, and saves some troops too. Hero capture isn’t a feature in this game but getting zero’d means you can’t hit monsters until you heal some troops, and you can’t hit higher level monsters until you heal like all your troops, because what level monster you can hit is determined by your troop power. I found that very unusual and pretty prohibitive to growth in the long run. Especially with, getting back to my point, the inability to protect troops. They’re safe in the alliance farm (cool!) but the longest I could have them be there was 3-4 hours. Setting a rally doesn’t have an 8-hour option, so ghost rallying isn’t a thing. You can send a march anywhere on the map but it doesn’t seem practically possible to have that march last even 8 hours. And with all that, they run 3-day kill events. Couldn’t believe that, the first time there was one. Only thing more unbelievable is how frequently they run them. I ported away from my alliance hive because it was getting torched like every 12 hours by a guild of power-spenders, even when there was no kill event. That was an effective strategy but then a kill event started and I failed to notice. Then even though I was out in the middle of nowhere someone found me and zero’d me. Just as I’d finished healing the last of my troops. Oh and options for bubbling? 1,000 gold for a one-day bubble. I saved gold as much as possible and in the month or so of playing had about 5,000 You really can’t grow unless you spend, at least not on the server I was on. Maybe other servers aren’t so aggressive but with all the flaws, there was just no draw for me to keep playing. I would recommend FFXVANE over this game.

Stay away!!!! Pay to play is a understatement..

Having played this game for a few months and having spent about 160.00 I can tell you it doesn't matter and I would need to spend a lot more. There is no safeguard from very very large players crushing you over and over. I have boosted so high yet when these players attack I will loose 75k soldiers and they lose 500. Doesn't even make sense. This game takes pay to play to a whole new level. At first it was fun but you soon realize the trap that has been set. They step you in slowly. At first you think if I just buy this small thing I will be better but as you get down the road you start to understand no matter how much money you spend it will not be enough. They will over charge you. On one had I'm great full for Apple to get my twenty bucks back but on the other hand shame on you apple for allow this type of system of your app store. It's a lie, it's theft, it's a lot of things. Quality over quantity apple. Let android house the junk apps.

Data Error

I cant play can I get a refund I’m not able to play anymore.

Saw you steal footage

Stole Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars and use it as your own game, unprofessional af.

Love this game.

So much fun once you join a good alliance with active players and communication

Pretty cool game

It's a very active game very competitive.

Great game. Very addictive!

Had me fooled with the plagarized Age of Empires ads. Oh well still wastes this thing you all call time.

the bbbbbeeeessssstttttttt

very good condition with the same way, but it would like us know when the new York and a half day of work and then

Guns awesome

Spent a lot of time on it... still playing

Pretty good game

Very good time consuming but if you have time for consuming it's worth it


At least, I'm not mad because this one doesnt require the "phone calls management" installation permission...

Fun game

Honestly, this game is so fun and addicting. When I downloaded it, I played for hours on end.

Fun game

Very good strategy great graphic I love❤ it

Not to bad at all....


Ads don’t represent gameplay

I like this game, been playing for a few weeks, but the advertisements don’t come close to representing actual gameplay.

oh yeahh.. very best game..

Great graphics but in game directions for guidance is sorely lacking. Joining an alliance is a must, because talking to other players is the only way to figure out how to play the game.

Pretty good game

Can't stop playing and when I put it down can't wait to get back to it

Great war game never seen anything like it its great

great game no doubt..just like koa..but graphics and castle appearence is better..i like this game and i think i wll play it for long time..just 1 thing..pls reduce the upper castles upgrading price if possible

Nice story for nice game

It's very fun game build quickly up

It's okay

Another war game, but way less expensive than Mobile Strike. The people are fun and the chat translator works well. I'll be playing this for a while.

a good game

Simple, Reliable, Epic. All in One

Best story game on mobile.

It cost to moch to repear the troops when u get attacked and let us harvest from more than one aliens farm that wood be nice

Great war game never seen anything like it its great

great game no doubt..just like koa..but graphics and castle appearence is better..i like this game and i think i wll play it for long time..just 1 thing..pls reduce the upper castles upgrading price if possible

This game is so cool

Very good time consuming but if you have time for consuming it's worth it

Nice story for nice game

This game makes me so addicted thst i want to spend money on it. I loved the way the game is setup. Thank you very much to this game, my life is better.

Pretty good game

Good fun but a little for a first time gamer however, other players in alliances help alot. Can be costly if you want to advance quickly, otherwise great fun to play

Engaging game. Great fun

Needs more teleports,more access to other kingdoms faster march speeds.A must play addictive thriller

Good I hope evolution in game every month. THX

A grand battle game set in 17th century France.

Love this game

Would be nice to have a pdf available on game play rules and game edicate.

It was One Of the best of

Moves a bit slow... everything takes a little long to build to gather to train to research...

It helped me with my marriage.

Immersive game that is easy to learn . Impressive graphics Playing with an alliance is of the utmost importance.

Awesome thought provoking game

Had me fooled with the plagarized Age of Empires ads. Oh well still wastes this thing you all call time.

Addictive and fun.

Can't lie, I'm hooked on this game. It's true you have to spend to stay competitive, or be very patient and make a few farm accounts. The UI could use some fine tuning, and the kingdom map lags like crazy making it difficult to search for beasts and RG camps. If they dealt with the lag issue (non existent in the fantasy version of this game KoA) and added a search feature like in Blood Dynasty for resources , beasts, and RG camps, more ways to obtain new items (banners, crafting materials) and tweaked the UI I'd give 5 stars.

Its fun to play

The more time you put into the game the harder it is to stop!!!

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