Guns of Glory App Reviews

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Rampant cheating and support will do nothing about it

Bot farms gives one person more power than an entire kingdom. When sent to support with multiple pictures they tell you to stop sending in complaints.

They faked ads

I though it was cossack in ios but they faked it


I shouldn’t wake up to 10+ notifications all from this game. And my phone shouldn’t keep going off every 5 minutes to get me to play. You’re done.

Game is not fun anymore

The game started off fun, but has gotten to the point of just healing your troops. You turn your back and someone appears in your kingdom, attacks you three times to kill all of your army and doesn’t take any of your resources! Then you spend the next 14 hours building them back up to have it happen again. It is almost like the developers have people to do this to encourage people to buy coins to speed the rebuild back up.

Not the game showed on ad!!!!

Not remotely the game showed on ad!!!! They show a shooter and this more of a board game.

Stop this Stupid trend of ad campaigns

I see ads for games like this all the time, where the clip the runs in the ad barely actually has anything to do with the actual game itself. These are EVERYWHERE for this realm of games and whoever started it is an absolute moron. There is not a single person out that who can’t immediately figure out that it’s misleading and avoid it in the first place. If they don’t notice and do download it, it gets deleted right away cause it’s not what the person wants. Or, if you’re like me, you download it purely to see just how different it was from the ad, realized how incredibly idiotic the entire thing was, and then decided that I’ll have this game on my phone until the end of time because of how stupid that is. Next time you have a meeting and someone says “let’s run an ad on other apps thats designed to make people think the game is something different than it actually is” just fire the absolute hell out of them because it’s a gigantic waste of money. When you assume your customer base is a bunch of idiots and bank on that you are absolutely going to fail. No question.

Let me tell you about how much money was and time was wasted

I have been playing this game for less than a year. At first, I made no purchases. Eventually purchases become necessary in order to compete. I have spent Hundreds if not thousands of dollars in purchases. You must bind these account to Game Center or Facebook In order for game info to be stored and to return where you left off. One day my accounts mysteriously became inbound and both accounts were no longer accessible. I was approaching lvl 22 castles with these accounts. They are no longer accessible and the developer/customer simply said something along the lines of it’s not our problem. They simply are not there when you need them. Now I am out of the money and access to the game. Had to contact ITunes and request a refund for the last 30 days which they did return. Rosa was wonderful and understanding at ITunes. I SWEAR TO YOU. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS GAME. IT IS AND EVENTUALLY WILL BECOME A RIP OFF FOR YOU!!! iTunes states in policy that all sales are final so technically they aren’t required to refund you a dime. Now imagine how hard it is to communicate to Customer service that doesn’t have a contact number and Who knows how many clients. If you have a problem with this app you are basically S.O.L. Buyer beware. You have been warned.

Don’t even bother

Was playing another game and saw an ad for this and was like oh cool! Then I downloaded it and realized t was 100% false advertisement stolen from another game. Devs are obviously sleazebags trying to steal money, can’t even make an original game. Don’t spend any money on this I won’t be surprised if it gets shut down

Not really an enjoyed game! Need to make a whole different base and story 🧐

The game is trash just because the trailer was played by dev and made it look like it was a sandbox game which would be the best game I’ve ever played lots of people are addicted to sandbox games free roam sandbox and most will be willing to pay the money for access to big stuff like a new map or different blocks like a deluxe edition that would be fun! But the fact how they tricked you into thinking you could do what ever you wanted was trash and a complete ripoff I never liked the games with people popping up on your screen saying things you have to read it’s just a waste of time having to read all of it to do a campaign that’s not even good and very unrealistic I’d REALLY LIKE A GAME which was based off of modern day military with mortars and tanks you could send in to see if they could break through your bunker and all of that! The game would 🐝 called dunkirk or bunkers! Something like that ya know just some good ideas




This game just lures you into thinking it’s awesome by playing ads from other PC games and claiming it as their own an example of these games are nepoleon total war( sorry if I misspelled it), empire total war, Cossacks 3, mount and blade and so much more. Also it is a serious pay to win game just to get your fort to the top.

I'd NEVER Download a Game That...

Makes it so you have to visit the download page in the app store to close the ad. Dirty pool. They probably figure "hey, if we trick them onto the download page, they'll probably just get it since they're already here". Nope. Instead, I'll look at the the other apps by this developer and make sure I never get anything they ever do


Don’t bother with this game. Racist players like Ridvan in kingdom 65 constantly use racial slurs and spread bigotry through the main kingdom chats. The developers do nothing and don’t care. The highest level castles run off the newest players, save your time, money, and frustration!

Know before you play

You can not compete in this game unless you spend a lot of money. If you spend a reasonable amount of money, then you are setting yourself up for frustration. The timers are excruciatingly long, you are perpetually out of resources and the “Games of chance” are rigged against you in such a way that the give you essentially nothing unless you pay a bunch of money for extra tries, and even then you’re left with crap. The game could be fun and has potential, but there are just too many aspects that require various currencies. I’ve spent about $60 so far on the game hoping to begin enjoying it but I feel more like it’s been a waste of money. As a side note, I took their survey and they asked how many $1000’s of dollars I have spent on the game so far. Maybe that’s a thing people do, but I can’t imagine every spending anywhere near $1000 on a game much less many thousands. So this is how they have set the game up, for people willing to shell out serious money on a mediocre game. I’d rather play gwent.

Credit card randomly being charged

This app keeps charging for packages purchased when I’ve never purchased any in game apps, this has even happened on a device I haven’t used in awhile. I check the game and there’s no reflection of a purchase but I keep getting emailed receipts from Apple saying these packages have been used. We are now deleting this game on all our apps.

It’s a fun game however it’s a money trap

The game is great playing however it’s very hard to level up to a very competitive level unless you’re paying for it and game is not updating you would think that with a brand new game they would have not allowed this to occur I think they should have waited until all problems are nonexistent the other problem is language barrier all players need to be typing in English so as to be understood it would be a perfect game if they would just fix these issues not to mention small players are not protected from constant attacks you cant build up when you have no resecorses to build with when bigger players keep taking them whats the point in playing a game you get nowhere in its just a legalized money scam its time to ban such games if advertised as free then its free in its entirty no money payed for anything or anyreason my advise dont play these games put them out of there scam buisness this game isent even worth a rating it deserves a zero nothing more and dont bother trying to get help they have shut that down all they want is money your better off playing a better game boycot this game dont play and dont pay this crappy game

Dont waste your time

This game is about this company making money. You will get destroyed repeatedly by higher ranking individuals that can spend thousands of dollars. Game play is unbalanced as heck. There is no tier system that encourages higher level players to attack those on their level.


You should add battles that you can control your troop layout

Terrible game

This game is terrible, unless you spend ridiculous amounts of money to buy your way to the top. All the top level players gang up on lower level players. There’s no rest for the weary either as soon as your overpowered the next guy comes in and does the same thing. Definitely not what was advertised on the promo. I was extremely dissatisfied and disappointed in this game. Don’t waste your time and money.

Not a fair playing field

If you don’t spend money on this game then you can’t compete with the other players that do. There is no use playing this game.

Sterling KOS lunar 76

I play these games for many years in this game certainly is one that evolved. GOG has taken some of the challenges of other games like this and perfected it. Its the best Strategy game I’ve played.


Can’t delete accounts once they are bound to Facebook or game center.

Stealing pics from a pc game

I was just watching YouTube when I came across an ad of this game and in the ad there was an animated battle which is obviously not implemented in the game that was of no surprise to me a lot of wannabe real RTS games in phones do this what really rubbed me the wrong way was that the ad also mixed in cropped out pieces from a game called “Napoleon Total war” which is wildly popular among RTS fans on PC, my point is don’t you guys feel any kind of shame from using other games content because your company is too incompetent to make something not even good enough to be considered half as good?

Love the game!

This is an addictive game! Love the additions with the new update! I have a couple of issues: the lord stamina doesn’t increase as you level up. It gets used really quick attacking high level red guards and creatures on the map. Also, after events are done, any unused product stays in my inventory, like the valentines hearts or the needle for the infected vampires. Why can I exchange that for something, or at least have it removed from my inventory? I’d like to see that changed, if possible? Otherwise, great game! Keep up the good work!

Poor service

The developers never response to the cheating groups. My friends and I experienced three kingdoms and there exists obvious cheaters in all of the three kingdom. Though a lot of players reported the cheating behavior, never get response from the developer.

Don’t waste your time or $$$,$$$

Game is a waste of time and the developers are greedy clowns that love to take your money. Sure the game is free, but if you want to get anywhere you have to pay. After that... you have to pay some more. When you are all done paying... you not done. Pay some more. After you have spent hundreds of hours and lots of $$$ building your army, The developers conveniently allows stronger, higher level players, to wipe it all out in a matter of minutes. They don’t care because they know a small % of players will dump more money in their hands, to rebuild, only to lose it all a day later. They could easily require armies to be at similar levels to battle, but, that would be too fair and wouldn’t put money into their greedy hands. They don’t care about your gaming experience they only care about your money and a little bit isn’t enough. They always want more.

Ghost castles

This is a good game enjoy it but developers have no control. People r making ghost castles all over kingdoms with sole purpose of taking up space which minimizes rss gathering tiles. 1000s n 1000s all over n developers don’t care n won’t do nothing to help great game but with lack of caring by developers this game headed to game graveyard. Don’t waste ur time or money on it trust me. If developers would do sumthing I would rate it a 5 but as it is I would give it a zero

Games like this one...

...only want your money. They put more effort into their misleading advertisements than they did development.

Wonderful game

"I have been playing the game for like 3months plus. Switched to gog from a similar game. Just wanted to try something new. And im loving it. Every single bit of it. If i could give a suggestion that would be put a research to increase the rate in which city defense increases.


Liking all the details and everything about it ! I wish they could add more gold on any purchase ! So far I'm enjoying and hoping that there will be mor updates to make it a better game in the future ! I'm feeling and seeing updates and more prizes and so far I'm satisfied with the improvements and additions ! Thanks !

Good idea

Just started and love the social and competitive nature of the game. I’m entirely new to gaming so I’m learning as I go. Like any experience in life, you may encounter challenging personalities or troll like behavior, but the majority of the players are fun and span a wide range of ages and experiences. The one downside I have noticed is that, at least in the kingdom I’m in, there are many people who speak foreign languages. That is fine, but the translations stink so it’s harder to understand what they are saying in chat

Much better than other similar games

I have played these kinds of games and there have been several different ones I’ve played. The packs here are reasonably priced and the game in enjoyable even if you don’t buy the packs. Has very nice graphics and the music isn’t bad either! I’m even getting my friends to play along.

Fun and has great graphics

This game has a lot of offer. The graphics are awesome. Game keeps your interest. The only problem I have is getting gems. Not enough ways to earn them and I cannot spend the money to buy more, which means I can't afford shields to protect what I worked hard to build.


Unique would be a good word to describe this game. First of all the GOG team is always making the game better and better by adding, changing, and upgrading. Secondly, it’s a team/community war game that involves strategy, team work, real people working together, and lots of variety, choices and fun aspects. Plus, you just might actually make a few new friendships for real life. Like I said earlier; this truly is the best game I’ve ever played in my life.

Wonderful game

"I have been playing the game for like 3months plus. Switched to gog from a similar game. Just wanted to try something new. And im loving it. Every single bit of it. If i could give a suggestion that would be put a research to increase the rate in which city defense increases.

Great Game

I really enjoy playing this game. It is very interactive and leaves a lot of room for growth if you are someone that does not want to spend money. Only improvements I would suggest is the ability to take over an opponents village if the are not tied to a clan. I think it would be interesting to be able to conquer and own a city that remains alone.

Great game

I have played other games similar to this one (GoW) and this one is 100 times better. It is fun, challenging, addicting and you won’t have to forego this weeks groceries to buy in game coins. Everything about this game is better than all other games similar to it and it has you wanting to log back in for more. Highly recommended!!!

Excellent Fun and Hard To Put Down

I’ve downloaded countless mobile games, and none can compare to this one. There’s so much depth to it, and no matter how much I want to quit and uninstall the game, I always come back to it. One of my favorite aspects of this game, is that it runs in the background. You don’t even need to be connected to the internet but your buildings will continue to build, your troops will keep recruiting, etc. you don’t even have to have the app open. Overall great fun and awesome multiplayer experience. Would recommend to anyone interested in strategy, MMO, and action.

The Little Guy

Guns of glory is one of the best games out there but could use some improvements. It is geared toward the high spenders which can ruin the whole experience. This is the biggest complaint I hear after playing over a year in different realms. I know for Camel they want to make money but if you make the game more team oriented where one big spender cant dominate the realm then most people quit Camel is missing out on all the small spenders who would spend more and play longer and more people could enjoy the game for long periods of time. I would suggest either make a new game similar but is team oriented or change existing game so attacking would need more than one big player to cause damages also I would tier the defensive losses .

Completely obsessed

I started playing this all because a co-worker of mine was playing and I thought I’d check it out. I have never played a war game so I wasn’t sure if I would stick to it but 3 months later I’m still obsessed! I play every single day, multiple hours a day. This is unlike a lot of war games seeing as tho you can do everything in the game without playing any real money. But heck, even if you do spend some of your own money you can get a lot for a little. I have built a lot of friendships and enjoy playing with all the different people you meet. The different events that start at any given time (and happen often) are a lot of fun to participate in. It keeps the game fresh and fun.

love this game

I am not the video game type of girl but this game appeals to so many different intelligence levels and has totally swept me off my feet. It requires skill, communication, relationship building, trust building, ability to work as a team member, honor, dignity, courage, love, passion, psychological understanding, teaching, learning and opening your whole self. Since it\'s a war game there is also plenty of Smack Talk and back and Forth Fun bicker between opponents and this can be the most entertaining aspect at times, especially after you just intensely used your mind to fight a big battle!!! The Bonds and friends ships I have made with people all over the world are amazing. My ONLY ISSUE IS THAT I AM A PRINCESS IN REALM 250 and I play with plenty of other Females!! ON BEHALF OF ALL OF US GIRLY GIRLS WHO LOVE TO KILL VIRTUAL TROOPS PLEASE GIVE US A PINK CASTLE OPTION TO CHOSE FROM ONCE WE GET TO THE HIGHER LEVELS!!!!! I WOULD LIKE TO CALL IT THE PRINCESS PINK:-) I think if it were an option to use as an UPGRADE THIS WOULD BE A HUGE SELLER!! Thank you!! (ASL)The~Princess Realm 250 I would Appreciate feedback or comments if possible!!! Thank you!!!

The best in game for IOS

Since I started playing the game, I have not stopped since. The game draws you in and makes you want to keep progressing. Like they say there can only be one King and you are aiming for it.

I originally liked it

Unfortunately there’s one huge game balancing issue that just ruins it. The fact that someone twice your level can attack you 24 times in a row and the only wait time they have is their troops marching time (which can be as low as seconds). It’s absolutely no fun when you try to catch up and you save up resources to try to catch up but then you’re robbed completely blind over night. This is both an issue with the community and the game. That said this game is NOT newcomer friendly.

Delete now

This game really blows. You sit there and farm just to have them ripped away by an upper tier player. I downloaded bc of ads looked fun. The ads are nothing like this game. Delete while you have a chance.


So I just found Kings Of Avalon a game that literally mimics this game lol stole the idea. Both are identical!!! This game isn’t so bad, but I agree with most the reviews, just extort the very player by forcing them to make in game purchases to compete with other bigger bad players! That’s why I deleted the game, make a purchase then you need to purchase more to stay afloat. The game can be a huge hit if it wasn’t purchase happy and the equality was there. Making in game purchases would help, but not stop the smaller player.

Pay to play

I have played games similar to this and have had a lot of fun; however, I have never experienced such a massive advantage that pay players have over non paying or minimum paying players. The advantage is so high, that entire alliances with 50+ people can be wiped out by a single player with ease with that player not even losing troops. Every facet of this game is driven by spending large quantities of money. You could play and farm for months, work with your alliance and be very involved, but if you are not investing large quantities of money, it can all be erased in seconds by a high paying player. This game had potential, but by being greedy and building such high advantages for players willing to spend thousands of dollars to dominate, it creates a game that is hollow and unenjoyable.

Needs balance

Fun game, but needs balance. Right now the strongest players and alliances just dominate the game, I won’t invest any more dollars until this gets addressed. If players cannot possibly catch up and compete with the leaders, what is the point? Start shipping dominant alliance to new kingdoms and let them beat each other up.

Pay or die!!!!

Played the game WAS fun till getting attacked over and over. With no sense of reality. In a fort, with walls, cannon, guns, 16,500 traps and 45,788 troops inside.... all my people dead..... the attacker takes 252 dead.... completely and totally a wast of time and effort. Thank god I only paid 99 cents..... and that was a scam because what you think you are getting and what you get are different.

Really fun

You can never get bored in this game. It is really fun to play.

Bad game

I give the game -5 of 5

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