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Boring and used fake gameplay video in ads

If a game has to use fake gameplay video to entice people to download a game, why don’t they just make the game in the video. This game is boring and just like dozens of other games.

Worst game ever

I’ll make this shirt and simple. I have read the reviews, GoG takes no blame for the game they own, read their replies. The game looks nothing like their ads, and the interface is horrible to work with, the screen is covered in things to click on which makes it frustrating to play at times. 100 different things to do randomly scattered on the game. Maybe I was spoiled by playing Vikings war of clans but I would expect this to be comparable. Don’t waste your time!!!


Customer support has changed and not for the better. Can’t get any reply on any problems. Mods have totally disappeared in our kingdom and they won’t train more. Oh and don’t try to buy a pack you may not get the right one. Then be ignored by support.

Ok game but huge waste of money dominated by Asian players

This game could have been fun but the developers designed it to make money. They call it a strategy game : I can assure you it is not. It is “pay to win” pure and simple. If there are Asian alliances in your kingdom start over in another. They have special deals where they can buy power far beyond what you could ever hope to gain. The game design is also ridiculous where millions of your troops are killed for only 10 of theirs due to “buffs” they purchased. So unless you want to pay $100-$1000 per month, assume you will always be a minor player who serves only as a farm to other players. After a year of playing I still cannot beat even minor players in my kingdom and i have spent about $100.

guns of glory luv

Why is everyone saying its a good time killer?

Be careful

Best game I have ever played

Great game, but.....

Join my alliance. Look up Theloveoflife


This game is fun to play and addictive. It is also very expensive to play if you want to competitive so you can actually have fun with it.

Seems like it could be fun



Build your empire

Great game

It is a good back up game,for when you havetime between your regularly played games.

Okay app

I never worked this hard in real life

my best

Very interesting.a definate learning experience..very addictive

Fun but can get expensive



It is awesome


Came 5 times in 10 secentes


I love making my own base the way I want it to be.

Slow Load and UI Glitch

Need black heros and the digging takes to long it shouldnt go over 30 days other that its a really great game


Totally awesome graphics for a phone game. Lol

Like it

Addictive yet expensive. Over a month i have been playing. Crazy how time flies having fun.

I love it because

Awesome game to own, I have no bad or negative review about the game. I love the incredible graphics of the game.


Its a fun and challenging game plz install it ( if u want to


This game is awesome and I want to play it forever

OK ok

It take a long time to get to where im at now


For an older person


Best app Ive played just way to expensive to be competitive

I love it

However its hard to keep up against all attacks.

Its pretty cool

Its a good game but you need to pay if you want to git gud, skrub. Also all but one of the pictures are falsely advertising. Making the game look prettier or cooler than it actually is. Also dragons dont protect your city like one of the pictures make it out to look like.


Loved the action and the style of the game!


I love this game


It could use a update that you can open more than one chest at a time

Like what I have seen of it

Love the game, hate the app. Its become so slow, even to do basic things like use hero xp or speed ups. Really killing the joy for me when it takes forever to do anything. Ive spent a lot of money on this game so yall need to optimize it better.

guns of glory

Its ok but I wouldnt say its the best or anything


This game is an engaging way to pass the time, there is tons to do!!! Its not just click and wait. You can craft and hunt down monsters, explore dungeons. Not your average troop training war game!!! Please use my referral id we will both get great gifts regularly! Ill even send you protection gifts to help you get going!!! HTD5 75875 33220

Love the game and grafics

It just doesnt like to run. The game crashes constantly.

Awesome game !

I just want my 60 Kendall and Kylie Energy Points


This is the best game ever

Love it

- I wouldve give it a 5 but it always keeps crashing on my device ..

Loved it

Very addicting but sometimes it slows down. Dont know if it is my wifi or just the game


Beware its addictive game!!!


Strong social cooperative play structure


I may need therapy from playing this game!! Great game

Addicting and Pay to win

Keep killing me over and or again with lag


more items and shield times to the alliance store and have where you can buy stuff without the pack. also upgrades after Stronghold17 are ridiculously long Good game. Fun and creative three stars till these things are added.

Loved it

This game should make some change in its policy so we can buy packs through paytm....i will purchase a pack through paytm if i can


Get in with good alliance allows you to build faster, smarter

guns of glory

If you dont want to spend money Wear A Peace Shield.... it doesnt matter how much money someone else drops into the game ... they cant attack you if every 3 days you put youre Shield back on!!! They opened Inferno Solo Events along with others wear the Prizes Include Gold. Just know it will take time not spending youre money. That is what makes it fun. @Brain - Get to VIP Prestige Level 12 and you unlock Open All Chests. That is what you have to work towards, along with other perks.


Building and defending

Relatively good game but....

The game is fun at first, but once you start putting money in it and still fall way short of the top player it becomes boring and expensive!!!! It is a game that reaps the benefits off of individuals that does not pay attention to this fact. You will not get nowhere unless you are willing to spend big money.

Love it

Yes Ive spent money on this game because its great. Add new feature please clean slate button. Allows user to start a new game. I would love to see this more often on many apps.

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